About: Anthony O' Neill.

I am a comic book illustrator (for hire),
character designer and all round artist of allot of various forms and practices,
but my one true everlasting love is and will always be for comic books and graphic novels.

my works to date include

a full 22 page story for "ABANDONED-COMICS" called "NESTOR2"

a short WW1 strip in the "Wire and gas anthology" by "ABANDONED-COMICS" titled "good boy"

a short 8 page story in the 6th and first ever color installment of "UPROAR COMICS=ZOMBIES HI" called "The heist"

And lastly i also do a sketch piece every week for the Irish comic book web site WWW.Irishcomicnews.com
entitled "Irish comic noodlers"


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Unknown said...

Hi I came across one of your pictures on google and was just wondering if I could use it. Its the Cu Chulainn one. You can email me at ciarabing@hotmail.com. Thanks


Please check out some of my past posts by clicking on the link at the end of the page thanks :)