Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From small strides to leaps and bounds

So hower you? :-)
its been a while since i updated so lets just get stuck in.

so by now I'm sure you have all heard through either twitter, facebook or even ICN that the CLiNT project has been a total success and reached its finale destination of those hallowed pages that it was created for, if you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this little snippet and missed the issue, don't fret, ....

seriously camn down
it'll be OK
we have it (****HERE****) for your consideration
oh and guess what?
so go get your grubby little maulers all over it, read it, view it, lick it, smell it, go nuts
but that's about all i will condone lets not get crazy here.

In other news the great and powerful Mike Lynch & Martin Greene along with myself had our pictures taken and thrown into the Clare people today to help promote the delightful Dave O Leary's (****ENNIS COMIC MART****)


This event is shaping up to be a great laugh so I'm ordering you all to get yourself down there
and join in the fun... what?... don't you know all good "fun" comes with a nice healthy dose of maniacal dictatorship. lol XD
if you'd like to know more about this event click the link above and share in the awesomeness.
so aside from all that what els is it Ive been up to you ask... well my fine good people i have also been putting together the second part of ABANDONED-COMICS next "big thing" and let me tell you its shaping up to be an epic, I'm sure some of you may have already seen some of the images mike and martin have been throwing up on their respective blogs and facbook pages by myself and the epically talented Neil MC Clements, so ill just leave you simply with the title, and leave it at that for now on this one, but keep your eager ears to the ground people because soon
you will all experience the fear of

and take care :)

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