Saturday, December 15, 2012

playing catch up!

Hower things?
So iv been extremely busy lately and had tones of work to keep me occupied so here's some copy's of what iv been up to enjoy
 there isn't allot i can say about this one at the minute, but what i can tell you
is it was the best news i had ever gotten and cant wait to share
what this image means with you
all will be revealed soon so
watch this space! ;-)

 these two pieces were done for the same commission,
and they seemed extremely happy with both,
the mountain is a place were they go to ski,
and the dog is their late pet known as Max.
i had allot of fun painting these.
these were some quick speed drawings, done for the purpose of
practice for con's and to try some fun techniques. 

and lastly this commission was done for a local girl
who will be giving it to her boyfriend for Christmas, he showed allot
of interest in my art after my brief stint with "Zombies hi issue 6" so he should
be pleased to see whats in his stocking on Christmas morning. ;-)
well that's everything so far, as iv mentioned above, keep your eyes peeled here for some awesome news to come very soon, id also like to apologize for the low res condition of these shots, most of them were far to big for my A4 scanner so i had to just take some snaps with my phone.
So that's that, take care guys and gals oh and
if you haven't already
,be sure to check out the gallery,
 which you can reach through the page bar above thanks. :-)
toodle pip!


Unknown said...

Epic work as always. Loving the pet work, and the zombie sketch is brill! may get you to do a cool and rockin sketch of 3 lil demons I know ;-)

RayBurton said...

Love the way the rain is working and the thickness of the head in the Captain America


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