Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anthony O' Neills version of the superman suit

so its been a long time since iv thrown any new original art work up here,
so i figured i better throw this up before you all think iv fallen off of the face of the earth.
First off PLEASE don't crucify me for this.
For as long as i can remember iv always enjoyed redesigning superheroes costumes to suit a more modern fan base.
and i know, i know, Superman's costume is like the holy grail, i know I'm not supposed to do this
but with all the hoopla about the new "MAN OF STEEL MOVIE" I thought it wouldn't hurt for me to finally share my design with you guy's.
 so here's the background of this,
first of all let me tell you all that i am an insane Superman fan, I mean like borderline fanatic, so just keep in mind that i have a full respect and love of the character.
OK, so why did i re,design it? well i just felt that as awesome as Shuster and Siegel had done designing it at the time and basing it on the strong men of the decade i felt that for today's audience it DESERVED to be tackled once more,
so my initial thought process for this was (what if) Jor-El wasn't JUST a scientist (what if) he was also a retired general (yes its a tad bit Zod-ish but at least this way you feel as though Jor-El could contend with Zod on a physical level) so the idea was that this ACTUAL uniform was Jor-El's formal uniform to be worn on special occasions(kinda like the famous white navy formal uniform), i figured that instead of the blankets, that this uniform could actually be what little Kal-El was draped in when he was placed in the rocket as a child, (after all, this way no one would ask how his suit stays so perfect through out all those battles; because its kryptonian, and lets be honest here if it was only blankets that Martha (ma) Kent had to work with to make the original suit, those musta been a whole lotta f**kin blankets, so yeah this is actually jor-els suit passed down to his son.
i didn't want this to be anything like the new 52 version because lets face it WHY DOES SUPERMAN NEED ARMOUR! so i kept it soft, but because this is a formal military uniform, i didn't think it would hurt to add a couple o decorative gold plates to compensate for the loss of the color yellow.
I also feel that as amazing as the new man of steel version looks it sorta just draws allot of attention towards the gooch area, i think this is because; although i do agree with the loss of the trunks, i do think its only right to compensate (NO PUN INTENDED) for that alteration with something els, hence my belt style plates.
Your probably also asking why didn't he use the iconic shield, well i just didn't feel comfortable putting a shield that is so well known slam bang onto the chest of a new version of the suit but if you look closely you will see small elements of it in certain places. With the new shield design i tryed my best to make it look like the legendary house of El symbol (the eternity symbol) while still keeping the coincidental "S" in mind, I'm happy enough with how it came out.
Lastly the cape, and boots, the cape again is styled in the regal, formal, military cut pointing straight down i think this would look awesome in flight giving a nice complement to the "SPEEDING BULLET" nick name that we all know so well.
As for the boots well i simply kept to the gold plate design to match the rest of the ensemble and cut it to the shape of an "M" for man, to complement the "S" on the chest.
well that's it, i hope you enjoyed this and that i WONT have any raging fans brandishing pitch forks at my door, lol,  take care all, toodle pip :-D

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