Saturday, August 25, 2012

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 Hi all,. BIG! news from us here at abandoned this week, our men at the helm Mr Mike Lynch & Mr Martin Greene, have both
managed to get our fist installment of the Nestor chronicle reviewed in one of the most prestigious comic book magazines going and to make a long story short we couldn't be happier with the result,
if four stars cant convince you to get out and buy this awesome book i don't know what will,
Mr Paul MC Callans work in number 1 is phenomenal this guy is at the top of his game right now, and i have to say i worked my ass off on my issue(2) as well so go on catch your copy's
of the four star comic book "NESTOR" today.
 Nestor Issue One is reviewed in Issue 14 of SFX'S Comic Heroes which was released on the 24th of August. Keep an eye out for it.
i also just wanted to thank you once again for helping us out so much last week with Nestor 2's launch, your kindness and support has been unparalleled, and i cant tell you how much all of us here at abandoned appreciate it PLEASE KEEP IT UP AND TELL EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN ABOUT

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WerebearGirl (Charlene) said...

I still cant believe it got 4 stars thats so amazing, is the 2nd issue going to be featured in SFX? P.S ur so over the top haha you would know ur a marvel fan lol <3


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