Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hi all 
Long time no posts huh?
well heres why.
For the past few months now iv been working away on Abandoned,s next big thing ,salvage, theres allot to be said about this new project but believe me youll all be hearing about it soon enough. For now ill just leave you with this image and a link to ICN where its been posted with more info, check it out.

more info coming soon

Saturday, August 24, 2013


So what's new?...ill tell you what's new

green monkey comics that's what!
 Today I will showcase a new fresh up and coming talent,
that talent is Mr Gavin Mc Cumiskey, Gavin has just released his first title under the banner of "green monkey comics" which is called "innocent tales".
Innocent tales is a 3 story collection of comic strips all written by Mc Cumiskey himself, and is accompanied by the awesome art of
 Ger Hankey, s, rhoades and yours truly Anthony O' Neill.
This book is a wonderful starting point for Gavin and at 3.99 a pop, you can't go wrong, but wait there's more.
green monkey comics has also put together a beautiful array of alternate variant covers for you to check out and collect, which have each been drawn by incredibly inspirational talents such as
Tommie Kelly, Shawn Langley, Dennis Coyle III and JP Jordan respectively.
All of these guys have done and exceptionally bang up job putting this piece together & I had the awesome privilege of seeing the book which includes my art displayed on the door of my local child hood retailers, forbidden planet Dublin recently, which was very cool
so shoot over to and check it out, you can thank me later.
take care & toodle pip :-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick sketches

Just some quick sketches done over the past while


These are the two parts to a piece that was done for ollie liddy.
you can catch these images in larger formats on the gallery page, thanks for viewing :-)

Cuchulain the celtic warrior

This was a piece i done for the launch of will sliney's new epic, enjoy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From small strides to leaps and bounds

So hower you? :-)
its been a while since i updated so lets just get stuck in.

so by now I'm sure you have all heard through either twitter, facebook or even ICN that the CLiNT project has been a total success and reached its finale destination of those hallowed pages that it was created for, if you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this little snippet and missed the issue, don't fret, ....

seriously camn down
it'll be OK
we have it (****HERE****) for your consideration
oh and guess what?
so go get your grubby little maulers all over it, read it, view it, lick it, smell it, go nuts
but that's about all i will condone lets not get crazy here.

In other news the great and powerful Mike Lynch & Martin Greene along with myself had our pictures taken and thrown into the Clare people today to help promote the delightful Dave O Leary's (****ENNIS COMIC MART****)


This event is shaping up to be a great laugh so I'm ordering you all to get yourself down there
and join in the fun... what?... don't you know all good "fun" comes with a nice healthy dose of maniacal dictatorship. lol XD
if you'd like to know more about this event click the link above and share in the awesomeness.
so aside from all that what els is it Ive been up to you ask... well my fine good people i have also been putting together the second part of ABANDONED-COMICS next "big thing" and let me tell you its shaping up to be an epic, I'm sure some of you may have already seen some of the images mike and martin have been throwing up on their respective blogs and facbook pages by myself and the epically talented Neil MC Clements, so ill just leave you simply with the title, and leave it at that for now on this one, but keep your eager ears to the ground people because soon
you will all experience the fear of

and take care :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This ones pretty self explanatory. Were both really proud of this, so why not join us here FACEBOOK EVENT and keep up to date on all the awesome developments. :-)

Monday, December 31, 2012

NESTOR! takes the top spot as the #1 irish comic book today in the irish times! ;-)

2013 begins with a BANG!
congratulations to all involved and a huge shout out thank you to Dave o Leary and all of the Irish times news paper

Saturday, December 15, 2012

playing catch up!

Hower things?
So iv been extremely busy lately and had tones of work to keep me occupied so here's some copy's of what iv been up to enjoy
 there isn't allot i can say about this one at the minute, but what i can tell you
is it was the best news i had ever gotten and cant wait to share
what this image means with you
all will be revealed soon so
watch this space! ;-)

 these two pieces were done for the same commission,
and they seemed extremely happy with both,
the mountain is a place were they go to ski,
and the dog is their late pet known as Max.
i had allot of fun painting these.
these were some quick speed drawings, done for the purpose of
practice for con's and to try some fun techniques. 

and lastly this commission was done for a local girl
who will be giving it to her boyfriend for Christmas, he showed allot
of interest in my art after my brief stint with "Zombies hi issue 6" so he should
be pleased to see whats in his stocking on Christmas morning. ;-)
well that's everything so far, as iv mentioned above, keep your eyes peeled here for some awesome news to come very soon, id also like to apologize for the low res condition of these shots, most of them were far to big for my A4 scanner so i had to just take some snaps with my phone.
So that's that, take care guys and gals oh and
if you haven't already
,be sure to check out the gallery,
 which you can reach through the page bar above thanks. :-)
toodle pip!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"NESTOR" wins two ICN Award's!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
well i think this image speaks for itself! :-)
The 2012 Irish comic news awards, have just ended and ABANDONED-COMICS "NESTOR" walks away with 2 titles
1. Best Irish Indy comicbook.
2. Best "Over all" Irish comicbook.
we couldn't be happier with the result.
This is all thanks to all of you guys and gals who helped us out so much from the very beginning, you have all been amazing and we appreciate your support and generosity to no end.
So on behalf of
Martin Greene
Mike Lynch
Paul MC Callan
Anthony O' Neill
Emily Kenny
Aidan Courtney

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anthony O' Neills version of the superman suit

so its been a long time since iv thrown any new original art work up here,
so i figured i better throw this up before you all think iv fallen off of the face of the earth.
First off PLEASE don't crucify me for this.
For as long as i can remember iv always enjoyed redesigning superheroes costumes to suit a more modern fan base.
and i know, i know, Superman's costume is like the holy grail, i know I'm not supposed to do this
but with all the hoopla about the new "MAN OF STEEL MOVIE" I thought it wouldn't hurt for me to finally share my design with you guy's.
 so here's the background of this,
first of all let me tell you all that i am an insane Superman fan, I mean like borderline fanatic, so just keep in mind that i have a full respect and love of the character.
OK, so why did i re,design it? well i just felt that as awesome as Shuster and Siegel had done designing it at the time and basing it on the strong men of the decade i felt that for today's audience it DESERVED to be tackled once more,
so my initial thought process for this was (what if) Jor-El wasn't JUST a scientist (what if) he was also a retired general (yes its a tad bit Zod-ish but at least this way you feel as though Jor-El could contend with Zod on a physical level) so the idea was that this ACTUAL uniform was Jor-El's formal uniform to be worn on special occasions(kinda like the famous white navy formal uniform), i figured that instead of the blankets, that this uniform could actually be what little Kal-El was draped in when he was placed in the rocket as a child, (after all, this way no one would ask how his suit stays so perfect through out all those battles; because its kryptonian, and lets be honest here if it was only blankets that Martha (ma) Kent had to work with to make the original suit, those musta been a whole lotta f**kin blankets, so yeah this is actually jor-els suit passed down to his son.
i didn't want this to be anything like the new 52 version because lets face it WHY DOES SUPERMAN NEED ARMOUR! so i kept it soft, but because this is a formal military uniform, i didn't think it would hurt to add a couple o decorative gold plates to compensate for the loss of the color yellow.
I also feel that as amazing as the new man of steel version looks it sorta just draws allot of attention towards the gooch area, i think this is because; although i do agree with the loss of the trunks, i do think its only right to compensate (NO PUN INTENDED) for that alteration with something els, hence my belt style plates.
Your probably also asking why didn't he use the iconic shield, well i just didn't feel comfortable putting a shield that is so well known slam bang onto the chest of a new version of the suit but if you look closely you will see small elements of it in certain places. With the new shield design i tryed my best to make it look like the legendary house of El symbol (the eternity symbol) while still keeping the coincidental "S" in mind, I'm happy enough with how it came out.
Lastly the cape, and boots, the cape again is styled in the regal, formal, military cut pointing straight down i think this would look awesome in flight giving a nice complement to the "SPEEDING BULLET" nick name that we all know so well.
As for the boots well i simply kept to the gold plate design to match the rest of the ensemble and cut it to the shape of an "M" for man, to complement the "S" on the chest.
well that's it, i hope you enjoyed this and that i WONT have any raging fans brandishing pitch forks at my door, lol,  take care all, toodle pip :-D

Friday, November 2, 2012


icn awards
"A single grain of rice may tip the scale,
 One person may be the difference between victory and defeat."
I just got word this morning that all of you guys helped so much with the first stage of voting for the ICN,Awards, that not only have myself, martin and mike all been nominated for single awards but "NESTOR" has also been nominated for not only 1 not even 2 or 3 BUT FIVE!!! ICN,Awards. This is absolutely FANG-tastic news and we appreciate all of your participation and help in getting this far.
but wait that's not all
by now I'm sure that all of you know of my awesomely gorgeous girl-friend Charlene, well guess what she also got a nomination for her new Irish comic book reviews via her blog and Malta comic con all i can say is
(seriously you should see me smiling like an idiot here)
whats next you ask?
well we've planted that seed, and now all it needs is a bit o TLC to help it along its way,
and who better to ask for help from; than you awesome people. all you've gotta do is go to this link
and post your votes were ever applicable:
BEST INDY IRISH ARTIST (includes pencilers, inkers, colourists): Anthony O' Neill
and just remember guys were all here because of your awesome contributions "YOUR VOTE COUNTS" so please be sure to carry that enthusiasm across to this FINAL stage of voting
thanks again fingers and toes crossed
toodle pip! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012




***!!!FANG-TASTIC NEWS!!!***
All my life i have only ever aspired to become one thing "a COMIC-BOOK artist", iv never had any form of training and iv never went to collage, so for a long LONG!!! time there, i thought it was never gonna happen, that was until i met these two awesome dude's.
When i met mike and martin for the first time, we all just clicked, the stars aligned and i gained some footing on the first stepping stone to realizing any project, book, or if your really lucky "comic book" that first stepping stone was "there faith" in an artist that had never done anything like this before and from there skipping across stepping stones became a yearly sprint up a very high mountain.
Nestor was there baby and they were willing to let me share custody, so i nabbed the chance, gritted my teeth, locked myself away with my drawing board and tried desperately not to panic, while simultaneously trying to remember every chapter and page of "Stan Lee's how to draw comics"
now some of you are probably saying "OK so whats the big deal you drew a small press comic book"
i say (and i hope you'll excuse my french here) F**K THAT "SMALL PRESS" TALK!
Every single publication you know of was at one stage or another "small press" all it ever took to make it shed that stigma was one thing "NOTICE",
and to be totally honest with you the small press industry has stuff out there which can be far Superior to any major publication
just take a look at some of these names and if youv read any of this stuff you'll know what I'm talking about:
but to name a few
These are story's of great imagination and fantastic story telling, and now, its "ABANDONED COMICS" turn to enter the game.
Mike and martin have officially told me that my issue of "NESTOR" (issue2) has finally reached publication and to say i couldn't be happier would be one hell of an understatement.
this is the achievement iv dreamt of my whole entire life and to have it come to fruition like this is just
totally over whelming.
so there you go the reason your receiving this very random VERY! long winded write up is to say:

ENNIS BOOKSTORE (ennis co clare)
so go... now... share in this child hood dream of mine with me, and click the link to grab your issue today.
Thanks for taking the time to read this folks,
Ill see you in the funny pages
wait'll they get a load of me!.
toodle pip! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So just recently i told all you awesome people's about how SFX MAGAZINE'S COMIC HERO'S gave Nestor 1 a fantastic ****4 star**** review which abandoned couldn't be happier about, but more recently we have been blessed enough to receive another cutting edge review from the generous people over at maltacomic-con from the pen of there newest member  CHARLENE BENNETT (, this is a fantastic and informative piece of writing coming to you from this budding new talent so be sure to get over there and check her out, there is something relative and down to earth about how she brings you her thoughts and views on these titles and i for one cant wait to see more happy reading guys and gals :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012


So the boss man Mr mike lynch was nice enough to post some of my
concept art up there on his face book page so i figured id throw it up here for you guys
to give a goo too, pay close attention to the MSG in this piece and don't be shy answer away in the comments below :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

!!!***NESTOR ON YOU-TUBE***!!!

Hi there
this is going to be the quickest post in loud whisper history,
 just to quickly tell you guys an gals the
as the title suggests NESTOR HAS HIT YOUTUBE WOO HOO!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

*, *, *, * HOWDY DO, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE YOU! *, *, *, *.

 Hi all,. BIG! news from us here at abandoned this week, our men at the helm Mr Mike Lynch & Mr Martin Greene, have both
managed to get our fist installment of the Nestor chronicle reviewed in one of the most prestigious comic book magazines going and to make a long story short we couldn't be happier with the result,
if four stars cant convince you to get out and buy this awesome book i don't know what will,
Mr Paul MC Callans work in number 1 is phenomenal this guy is at the top of his game right now, and i have to say i worked my ass off on my issue(2) as well so go on catch your copy's
of the four star comic book "NESTOR" today.
 Nestor Issue One is reviewed in Issue 14 of SFX'S Comic Heroes which was released on the 24th of August. Keep an eye out for it.
i also just wanted to thank you once again for helping us out so much last week with Nestor 2's launch, your kindness and support has been unparalleled, and i cant tell you how much all of us here at abandoned appreciate it PLEASE KEEP IT UP AND TELL EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN ABOUT

Sunday, July 29, 2012


once again i bring to you the accumulation of my nooodlers to date you good people are always welcome to stick your valuable comments and thoughts below infact at this time i would also like to thank all the people who have dropped by for a gander and let me know how they felt you guys are so kind and gracious i hope to keep bringing you stuff of the same quality or better in the future.

now onto some images,

Enjoy guy's and gals and drop back soon wont you?!.

so these are some process pics of the noodler i done for irishcomicnews's first birthday which i was so overjoyed to have been a part of, the character is of course abandoned comics very own NESTOR!.


these are the progress stages of a piece that allot of people on icn really loved so I'm extremely happy to say ill be trying moor things like this in the future

The snow was dangerously heavy this year, but he had to feed his family for them to survive the big freeze which was swiftly slithering its way towards them.
Ever since the father of the parish that would generously help them at this time of the year had disappeared 3 weeks ago he had been miserably trying to fill his place as his community’s provider.
He quietly stalked the deer, keeping his heart beat slow and rhythmically synchronised to the fall of the beasts hoofs upon the foliage covered forest floor,
stepping as it stepped, breathing as it breathed “SNAP!” by the time his eyes rose from the broken twig that had given away his position, his prize had all ready gotten to far away for the Pilgrim to do anything about it.
heartbroken the man turned and started for home making his way through the cold Virginian forest when suddenly… he heard the familiar final fatal cry of his previously lost prize.
He ran with curiosity, hoping that the victor was a member of his community, but when he found the lifeless body of the animal, which showed no signs of struggle,save for two puncture wounds upon its neck, he discovered nothing but an ominous image that had been nailed upon a tree next to its carcass… as the Pilgrim slowly gazed around him at the large mass of forest that seemed to be engrossing him in darkness, he could not help but feel as though, the hunter… had become the hunted.






Please check out some of my past posts by clicking on the link at the end of the page thanks :)