Friday, May 25, 2012


OK whew, this week alone has been crazy but you'd easily know the summer was here, free time means project time and project time means DRAWING TIME! :) so where to begin.

Well as always the Noodlers are going strong and the quality of work just keeps getting better Alan Nolan, Gary Reynolds, myself, Hillary lawyer, Maeve Clancy and Deirdre DE Barra have all been sweating away ;) as usual to bring you our little snippets every week which as you all know all ready you can catch HERE!. The work on this is phenomenal and the people are so awesome I'm just ecstatic to be a part of it all,

"secondly" all I'm saying is "SALVAGED" and that's all you get on that till later but keep your ears to the ground for this one trust me its gonna blow your think tanks off,

in other abandoned news:

As far as i know "NESTOR" 2 is going off to the printers very soon, and you all know Paul MC Callan has recently had the unparalleled pleasure of seeing his issue 1 in its printed form,, so have i,, (its beautifully deadly.)

and now so can you so get over to INDY PLANET and nab your issue, because there selling out fast, you can also catch a copy by going through the "NESTOR" link above happy reading folks its a scream!

A huge huge HUGE!!! SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE OVER AT uproarcomics these guys are amazing i asked for a small bit of help getting some of my stuff seen, and they came through for me in spades.

Not only have these dudes as well as the great mike lynch allowed me to be apart of issue six in mike's awesome story "the heist" but basically they ended up doing a full feature spread on me for there blog show casing news on were iv been and were I'm headed within the industry, and then as the icing on that cake the delightful Dave o Leary added it to ICN per my request, to gain more exposure, which i couldn't be more grateful for :).

between these guys my abandoned brothers mike and martin and all my friends over at ICN a guy would seriously start to get a big head but don't worry the beautiful Charlene keeps me in check :)

but it doesn't stop there I'm also in the middle of talks with the great Stephen Coffee who has asked both my intrepid side kick bro Christopher and myself to put together an animated project for him which I'm really excited about :) ill keep you up to date on that.

so in between all this beautiful comicy madness i had been trying to get ready for the 2d comics festival which was going to be the highlight of my year, besides Nestor and zombies hi, but Alas the evil stick in the mud that is "money" (insert evil devil horns here) had to poke its kill buzz of a nose in and get in the way...SOB...SOB.. But oh well thers always next year but if your going to be attending this extravaganza be sure to get over to the abandoned and uproars tables you wont believe the talent youl find there its insane :)

SOOOOOOooooooooooo!! as a reward for sitting through my big shpeel of a write up you now get to view some of that work iv been ranting about (unless of course you just skipped it to look at the pics in which case your a dirty rotten cheater and i blow raspberries at you!) lol

well take care all and enjoy the beginning of whats turning out to be a VERY! busy summer

join be back here again wont you ;)

toodle pip!

this is the new and improved Nestor poster free of spelling mistakes an all (i hope!) feel free to print off a bazillion of these and stick them everywhere your school your supermarket your bedroom you Granny's old weird green coloured bath room that your afraid to go into any more go for it :)

these are the pencils for the zombie hi uproar feature

and now for the inks and colour:

you can catch both of these on ICN and uproar.

you all know how much i love cap this was done directly after i had seen the avengers for the first time "nuf said!",

whoever said you shouldn't meet your hero's makes no sense to me at all Bryan was so cool one of the best days of my life, pay no attention to the folder ohhhHHH!!! allusive!

dragon ball z's vegeta! this got an awesome reception on icn :)

this one was done REALLY REALLY quick but got a fantastic reception which is an awesome sign for the book lets hope the interest level stays here or gets higher,
i prefer the pencils on this piece i don't know why but i guess that's why I'm a penciler. :)

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